New to McGill

Hi everyone,

I’m Ephraim and I’m new to McGill and Montréal since a few days. Originally I am from Germany and I am a passionate roadbike cyclist.
I’d love to continue that here, but I am currently not sure wether I am on the level to join the McGill cycling team. Also I am still looking for a nice bike around here.
Could anyone give me some advice?

Thank you a lot!

Hi Ephraim,

The good news is there is no required “level” to join McGill cycling. We’re just some people who like to ride bikes, and we always have rides suitable for all abilities. But come to “tryouts” in a couple of weeks to see what sort of group you are comfortable riding with!

As for a bike, other people here might know better than me, but if your looking for a used one you could post that under the “Buy/Sell” category on this forum, also check where you can often find good deals. For a new one, our sponsor Cycle Neron would be a good place to start. They have a big sale every year in September, although I’m not sure exactly when it is this year.

Hope to see you around!


The Facebook Group: Indépendent CC Le Bazaar is also a great place to find good quality used bikes

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Hey Brian,

Will there be a posting with more information about ‘tryouts’ coming up? Thanks

Yeah, for sure Dylan. Stay tuned!

For extra info, as a newbie myself, for my first ride with the guys from the team, it was great !! So no matter your level, as long as you love the ride, you’ll fit in !

With regards to bikes, I had to buy a new one (I crashed my other one last week…) and I checked out quite a few stores all around Mont-Royal. The best I found by far with regards to service, choice, quality, advice and prices, was Pignon sur Roues on avenue Mont-Royal. The guy who helped me must’ve been the owner - an older man - but he was great, and the selection basically covers any choice you could have (I was limited to about 600 dollars and I think I made a great deal) there are also a LOT of deals in the store given the end of the season. A whole half of the store is racing bikes - don’t know what they’re worth though.

Hope this helps ! :slight_smile:

Allright! I just got a nice bike and I’m ready to join. Unfortunately I missed the tryouts as I was sick on that weekend. Would someone take me on an introductive tour around the nicest tracks in the area?


Just come with us on KOMs and TPRs, you’ll see quickly enough what our usual routes and levels are.

come to KOM tomorrow morning at the base of camilien houde, (see post for details)!