Next CCCA @ Toguri Training March 12th

Hi everyone,

It’s a little sad to enter another reading week and not be in sunny Salem, South Carolina, BUT we are trying our best to get some team events off the ground now that we are out of the lockdown.

First off, for the next online CCCA race, we have a fun event planned to race / hangout at the Toguri Training studio. We will have the studio booked from 10:30am onwards and have 6 spots available for riders to participate in the race itself. Strong preference will be given to riders who would like to try a race, but do not have the needed equipment at home to participate. More information about the race itself can be found on our other forum post about the series.

Even if you aren’t racing yourself, I encourage everyone to come join in and cheer on your teammates. It will be lots of fun AND there will be lunch and coffee afterwards!!

More details to come on what to bring if you are racing! Kit pickup will also be possible at this event for those still wanting their 2022 kits.

Here’s the details:
Where: Toguri Training Systems, 3939 Rue Wellington, Verdun H4G 3M6
When: 10:30am - 2pm
What: Race or Race spectating + Lunch

  • I’m in and want to race!
  • I’m in and want to spectate!
  • I’ll race from home!

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I’ll come as long as I’m not taking a spot away from someone who wants to race.

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I would love to race, but I haven’t been on my bike since February, so if there is anyone feeling more confident, I would also be down to come and spectate : )

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One spot left everyone!

Okay all GO TIME!!

Our roster this weekend:

Pete Watson
Nathan Augerd
Ali Savas
Nowaz Syed
Flynn Baker

and… one last spot for either @SophieKoestner @rschmed @Yasin.Mtk or @maryhnatyshyn depending on who wants it.

Here are the Reg links:

Saturday, March 12th - CR
Men’s Cat 1:
Men’s Cat 2:
Women’s Open:

I’d highly recommend reading the documents I sent about RGT on the original CCA post. There’s some key differences to Zwift using this platform. Better yet, try to get a practice ride or two on RGT at home if you can before the race to feel it out.

THOSE RACING try to get to TTS with plenty of time in advance of your race. If you miss the start of the race, you will be DQ’d and can’t compete.

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Sadly I am recovering from a sprained ankle + The ‘Cron double whammy (unrelated to each other but really unfortunate timing). So I can’t really race or do anything outside of zone 2 for that matter. If I am symptom free for a few days before Saturday, I can come for support though!

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I’ll be racing from home, so my spot at toguri is open!

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Considering I haven’t done anything remotely aerobic within the last month, LOL, I’ll come and cheer

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Here’s my RGT username; N.Syed for Men’s Cat 2

Is there anything else we have to do?

Bring your legs on Saturday!

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Announcement: @mrpleynet is stepping in for the race y’all!

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Registered! My username is N.Augeard [MC]

Registered with username M.Pleynet


Have your RGT login credentials ready for the race. We’ll need to login 6 riders and I don’t want anyone to miss their start!

Also important

Our final submitted roster is


Great racing this weekend team.

Just confirming that the studio is BOOKED again for the races on the 26th / 27th!!!