October 27th - Mont St-Hilaire ride

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #1

I’m doing a quick return to Mont St-Hilaire Saturday morning.
If anyone is crazy enough to brave the cold, I’ll be leaving from Atwater market at 8:00 in the morning.

The forecast is freezing cold, but without any rain or snow.
I’ll be going regardless of the temperature, as long as it isn’t raining or snowing, and there is no ice on the ground.

It’s about 100km.
The pace, and a break for snacks, will depend on the group and its mood, if anyone else comes.
Hopefully, I’ll have received my Elemnt Bolt by then, so I’ll be able to keep a steadier pace than on my previous outings.

Meeting point:
Saturday, 8AM, Atwater market, at the bridge crossing the canal, on the market side (There are a few benches there).
If want to be able to contact me, I can send you my cell phone number though the private messaging system, or you can add me as a friend on Facebook to communicate through Messenger.

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(Mónica Soria Baledón) #2

Too cold for me dear Alexis, but enjoy the ride!!! xx