Official Pre-Race Meeting

The wine and cheese was great, but I feel like we ingested a little too much alcohol to have a proper race meeting.
So, the official pre-race introduction meeting is happening next Thursday, February 9th, in Otto Maas 112 at 6.
The meeting will cover licences, how to register for races, racing categories in the ECCC and the FQSC, what to bring to racing weekends, and any questions you might have about racing in the US or in Quebec.
If this is your first year racing, it is strongly recommended that you come to the meeting.

8 weeks to Rutgers !

Don’t speak such heresies!!

Bringing box wine.

Jokes can’t make it, flying home to new york that night.

Everybody should come. This room seats 220 people. It was the smallest room we could book. Super big screen. I feel like we should watch some cycling video after the presentation…

Oh, that can definitely be arranged…

let’s start compiling clips.

I will post in the everything else section soon. We are going to get the room until 9 and there will be a movie.

Hi y’all!
I’ll be there but I can only stay till 6:30-6:40pm because I have a class at 7 on St-Laurent…
See you Thursday!

Its on my calender so I guess I’m coming

The movie night is happening. Sign up in the “everything else” section if you want to come, and select which movie you want to see.

unfortunately cant make it, is there some way i can get filled in at a later time?

Yea no problem

How long will the meeting run for?

Probably about an hour.