Officially Unofficial Pre-SC MCT Bar Night!

I know I’m not legit on the exec this year, but it’s been SO LONG since we’ve done one of these that I’m forgetting what you all look like. We’re gonna do a bar night next Saturday (Feb 10th). We’re gonna go to Trois Brasseurs again. Sign up below so I know how many to make the reservation for!

  • Carbs to fuel my training
  • I’m lame af

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I might go skiing on Sat but I should be back in time

Making the reservation tomorrow afternoon, sign up now or forever hold your peace!

Reservation is made for Saturday at 7:30pm at the 3 Brasseurs on St Catherine and McGill College! Under my name.

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We’re on the second floor, y’all


We’re about to lose our table, guys, c’mon, punctuality

The roads suck and I’m lame. Sorry!