Oka Cheese result

So here is the report:

The weather did not scare two brave first year McGill riders this weekend to travel in the land of apples and cheese. Because of these great riders, awards were created.

1: The Adam “Titan” award
To receive this award, you have to demonstrate some never seen before power on the bike. Adam was so powerful in the first 10 k that he displaced the back wheel of his bike and was able to ride a 10-15 minutes with his wheel stuck on the brake, and on the frame. He created so much heat that the rim was very hot and smelled burnt rubber.
When test riding Nick’s bike, Adam was able bend Nick Bastien’s front wheel just by doing a very short sprint.
I’ve never witnessed such power in life.

2: The Nick “Beer trick” Award

To receive this award, you have to spill your beer everywhere in a dining room and kitchen. When I say everywhere its all over the place: walls, seiling, table, floor.

The three warriors (Nick, Adam, Dan L) went out and nailed the road race. With the home field advantage, MCT Alumni Dan La Manne set the pace up during climbs but the other redmen never surendered.
Good Job to you all!
I’ll try and make another weekend happening in early september.

This seems to be a recurring problem for Adam.

I think the solution is to put slicks, drops and a rigid fork on a mountain bike. Try that. The extra metal everywhere might help?

I’m impressed Adam! I mean I managed to break four spokes on one wheel in half a season and… well a seat post. Either way, I was concerned about that but several entire wheels and a frame … that’s totally a different league.
No, but seriously now: what helped me is to get really really stiff wheels. And whenever I need parts now, I actually talk to the manufacturers if they designed them for fatties like me.

If your a “fatty” AJ I’m morbidly obese and will die now. But I think I might have actually kicked the front wheel’s spoke, because the loss of control happened when I pulled the clip off the pedal and lost my balance. I don’t know. I just hope that Nick can get it fixed quick and it costs me less than 40 dollars.

I will accept the titan title though for the burning tire. Later on a steeper hill I was getting dropped by Dan and Nick and stopped to check the rear wheel, turns out I was lame after trying the Circuit races loop once (Dan planned to do it 7-8 times). That wasn’t embarrassing at all.

Hey Nick, I’m still ready to pay for that spoke/nipple/instalation just send me a PM with the price.

It was thirty something, just pay me when I’ll see you…probably next time I go to Oka or at the beginning of school year.