Oka ride on Saturday - Intermediate/advanced

We’ll see how the weather is, but 90-120km. Rain or shine.

9:30am at the gates.

How advanced is this intermediate/advanced ride expected to be?

It will be reasonably hard. We’ll wait at the top of hills though. There are a few sections that are well suited to pushing hard, and that are straight, so no one can get lost.

Cool. I just might tag along.

Could you bring my Ben and Jerry’s bottle with you Pete? I’ll keep it in my back pocket or something. Sorry for not grabbing it earlier.

NYBOM… Bring your legs

my legs ran away from me…harharhar

Adrien, I’ll bring your water bottle to the next ride.




What are you guys talking about? I mean the rain, the cold, the flats AND the swamp dive! pretty awesome.

swamp dive? I wanna hear about that…

id like a full ride report as well, please. maybe we could put it in the news section? :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine something kind of like this:

but with 5/7 cyclists swimming in a swamp under which Oka’s new under-water cycling path passes.

Summary of the ride, because I don’t have the time to write a comprehensive report.

Weather: Wet, windy, cold
Crash in Oka. 5/7 riders hit the deck and Me and john ended up swimming in 3-4ft of swamp.
Riding back from OKA into a headwind.

Steve: 2 Pinch flats, Dropped Chain
Adam: 2 Pinch Flat

Worst ride ever.

jeez. Better clean those wounds out REAAAAL nice. Don’t want anything swampy starting to grow in there.

Oh, come on guys. At least I was there to save you from the alligators. Thanks for leading the ride Jon.

Don’t forget that we also hit every red light between here and the swamp.

Ruth did kick an alligator in the nose for me.

Jon, nothing about this ride was your fault, except the golf ball sized rock you hit me with off your rear wheel.

pfff, not even an erupting volcano?