THE TIME HAS COME!! Our 2022 kit is available for order!

The new design, Clay’s brainchild, is certainly not something you’ll want to miss out on :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

We’ve made the switch to Santini for this year’s kit, so you can place your order with confidence, knowing you’ll be getting the highest quality gear around!!!

How to order:

  1. Fill out this Form
  2. Pay for your kit by e-transferring your calculated total (dust off your calculators) to mcgillcycling@gmail.com
  3. Alternatively, hand deliver a cheque or cash to me before November 14 (I will delete your order if I don’t receive the money by the deadline)
  4. Get excited!!! The kit should arrive early 2022!

The deadline to order will be November 14th at 11:59pm.
Don’t hesitate! Place your order now! You won’t regret it!

If you have questions about sizing/ shipping/ the design/ anything else, do not hesitate to reach out.


Are there any knee warmers / arm warmers for sale? I was also wondering if I could backorder some socks for the eventual pick-up. I also see that there’s no option for shipping (I’m not in MTL). Would that be something sorted out after the orders come in, or will I receive an estimate before Nov 14th so I could include the cost in the e-transfer?

Thanks! I know these are a lot of questions.

Hi Druv,

There’s no new arm warmers or knee warmers on order this year. We may have some in stock from years past if you are interested. Same for socks. We have some socks in stock that we could include in your order ($15 dollars). Shipping is done case by case and is a separate transfer once your kit is on the way. Please just include your shipping address.

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This post is just oozing with enthusiasm, good job to whoever wrote it!

@cmoonbike Exclamation mark to period ratio of 13:1

That must be a record

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For those accustomed to Biemme sizing here is a link from which you can compare to Santini sizing.


In the form there is also a vest option, what is it exactly?
Do you have any pics / renderings?

No pictures yet unfortunately. Consult @cmoonbike on design! He’s the master

Kit order has CLOSED. Thank you all for your orders