OVO Energy Women's Tour Fantasy Velogames

While I’m trying to taper for the ever important TdF, I think this is a great initiative and the lineup is the equivalent of men’s Team Canada for Hockey at the Winter Olympics.

It’s stacked. More stacked than the Giro was. If you don’t know the women pro’s, this is a good learning opportunity.Also two 20 pointers are on the same team. Wait what?! Oh just another three 12 pointers on that same team.

League Name: Mcgill womenz velo
League Code: 05170359


I havent done one of these in a while, but seems a good time to start again :smiley:

(here’s the link for newbs btw: https://www.velogames.com/)

Lol wow 24 points worth of riders for me didn’t end up starting.
Seems nobody else believed in the WM3 team though :smiley:

I believe in Canyon SRAM because I like their kit.

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Apparently anyone named Barnes was a good pick