PLYO1. Wed Oct12. 8pm

First Plyo of the Winter. Wednesday October 12. 8 - 10pm, McGill Athletics Aerobics room.

Justin and I are still working out the periodization for the whole winter, but I do know what will be happening for the next two weeks.

We will be practicing our jumping to get ready for a winter of intense Plyometrics.

Everyone at all levels should come.

Just remember:

If you are injured you are not allowed to come.
Be hydrated and bring a water bottle.
Do not eat a lot, or drink a lot right before coming because jumping around will make you feel horrible inside.

Wednesday October 12. 8 - 10pm, McGill Athletics Aerobics room.

NOOOOOO!!! This is too early. It’s still summer outside!

Rule 5, Eric, Rule 5…

It gets dark at like 6 nowadays, 8pm workouts are fine by me

By the way, are there 2 rounds like the past years or is it just one two hour chunk ?

All together for 2 hours for the first few weeks, then we will decide if we should split into halves based on the number of people and how the periodization plan looks.

I will be there at 9pm! I have class until 9pm every wednesday so I can make the last half and my sprint over there should be my warmup!!!

Won’t be able to make it tomorrow but will definitely be coming to the others.

Where exactly is the Aerobics room and is it free entry for members?

Aerobics room is in the basement of the Athletics building across from the fitness center.

McGill students can get into the building, all members can come to train. If anybody is not a McGill student let me know and I’ll get you into the building.

I can collect membership fees there for people who haven’t paid yet.

I might just come for the first hour.

I am a maybe coming.

See everybody in 45 min.

Fuck my legs hurt.