Post- South Carolina Lost and Found

1x Sugoi black armwarmer

1x pair of friggin’ sweet Hunt aero disc wheels

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I think those wheels are mine… :wink:

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I brought a little electric blade coffee grinder and lost track of it. Did anyone happen to bring it back?

It ended up in my car! I’ll bring it tomorrow

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@wamazurek My pale of snacks…

@DDalgas I thought they seemed a little lacking in melanin… But yes I do have them


Lol… pail*, nice one :wink:

I’ll swing by this weekend to collect what remains! (truly I only seek the cliff bars/protein bars)

I didn’t even catch on to that

Lost a giant saddlebag with crankbrothers multitool, 2 tubes and tyre levers :frowning:

@Jordan I have the armwarmer

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