Potential New Members!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to start a thread for people who may be interested in joining our team. Despite what people like Mike will have you believe there are no crazy 50km/hr time trials that have to be performed to be on our team!! We are a very inclusive team with riders from all backgrounds and ability levels.

As a varsity team however, we do focus on racing and encourage team members to train with the team. There will be “try-outs” posted on our calendar which are a great opportunity to see if the team is a fit for you but in no way is this an intimidating forum to see what you are capable of. This team is a great place for beginners to veterens to learn and improve.

If you have any questions about the team (expectations, training, racing, etc.) post your questions here and someone from the team will try and answer it…and Mike try to make the sarcasm obvious!! (hahah)

Also feel free to email me or mike with any questions

-Tom (taas_04 AT hotmail DOT com)

i entered a time trial where an ex-rabobank guy showed up and actually rode 48.7 average!!

got my ass kicked hard…

(i’d like to attach picture but don’t know how. I guess i have to click on Img* but nothing much happens)[/img][/code]

Hey Tom,

Thanks to the team for an awesome first ride this morning! I’m still grinning!

I wanted to know to whom & when I could submit my Student-Athlete Registration Form since I couldn’t attend the Bar-B-Q last Thursday.

Many thanks,

hey Cindy,

There is a mail box at McGill Athletics, you can put it there. I am not exactly sure where it is though. Ask the front counter where the team mail boxes are.