Presta Adapter


I have lost my presta adapter (for anyone unclear it looks like this-

I use a presta adapter with my ghetto fabulous department store Raleigh bike pump. If anyone has a spare lying around or lives close enough to a bike store, I’d love to buy one off you for what you bought it for, plus a buck or two extra for your troubles.



I actually have to go a bike store tomorrow to return the bike suitcase I borrowed so I can grab one for you.

I think they’re like $4…

(check your texts)

I’ve got half a dozen of those things kicking around somewhere, I’ll give you one if I can find them.

$4 my arse, I got them for less than 50 cents.

You kids need to learn how to ebay!

Also, learn Jason’s rule of small parts: Don’t buy just one, don’t buy just two. Buy 10 and stash them all over the place.