Random stuff- make an offer

in preparation for my move to vancouver im beginning to weed out some things:

1chrome floor lamp w/ 2 bulbs

also have some shimano pd-r540 pedals, scuffed up but functioning just fine

an ancient 1970s gruppo stripped from my fixie, sans brake levers. included is a shimano eagle rear derailleur, set of brakes, front derailleur a/ clamp, and downtube shifters. functioned just fine before i took it off.

a set of chrome fenders that were also on the bike before i stripped it. they mounted onto the brakes

two 1st generation ipod shuffles. one is perfectly fine but the other isn’t being picked up by my computer for whatever reason and is missing the end cap. must take both ipods along with a green blow up air guitar.

a jansport backpack

sharp el-531w scientific calculator

generic seatpost clamp, 27.2

a pretty beat raleigh frame and seatpost, no fork…bottom bracket is pretty shitty. fits like a 56ish, sorry no measuring tape

brand new cleats for shimano mountain bike pedals

sorry my brother stole my camera so no pictures :frowning:

nothing has a set price, just make a small donation of whatever towards my winter coffee fund.