Registration Reminder

Hello everyone!

In case you didn’t receive the email about club registration, I wanted to share all of the information here.

Want to know more about us and what will be on offer this year? Please take a second to check out our intro brochure below:

Want to buy a membership? Here’s how:

How to Register

  1. Click this link:
  2. Click on the red “register” button at the bottom of the McGill Cycling athletics page.
  3. Login to the on-line portal with your McGill ID (contact us directly if you do not have a current McGill ID).
  4. Click on “memberships.”
  5. Click on “sport clubs.”
  6. Click on “view programs.”
  7. Cycling is the second club listed.
  8. Click on Add to cart and check out."

Thanks everyone! Hope to see all of you at more of our fall rides.