Reminder about posting rides

(Mathieu Boudier-Revéret) #1

This had been discussed last year, but with time, we forget things… So when you post a ride, please include in the “subject”/title

-TYPE OF RIDE/NAME OF RIDE (e.g. flat ride at F1, KOM, giro del Remembrance)
-TIME when ride starts
-LEVEL of ride (beginner/intermediate/advanced)
-optional: approximate time or km during ride

It would give something like
Westmount HILLS–4pm–April 18th–intermediate–2 hours
(in the message you would ride the meeting location, e.g. Gates or bottom of Houde)

This will avoid confusion like : is this ride happening right now (even though it was posted last week)? Is this ride for everyone, including beginners?

(Noah Lackstein) #2

You can also add a lovely signup sheet to your ride by clicking the little calendar at the top of the textbox, giving you something like this:

  • Hills
  • Flats