Reminder: Pay your membership fees!

This serves as a reminder to pay your relevant membership fees before October 1st. Individuals wishing to subscribe to a club membership must pay $40, and those wishing to subscribe to a team membership must pay $100.

Failure to pay by October the 1st will result in a late fee of $20! No excuses whatsoever will be tolerated.

Note: If you are unsure of what membership to subscribe to, you are always welcome to purchase a club membership, and then upgrade later in the year by paying a difference of $60!

I kindly request everyone to try and pay their membership fee by e-transfer, but any exec member will also accept cash if you are unable to do an online transfer.

If you have any questions regarding membership, feel free to contact me.

Can we get the link or e-mail address for the e-transfer!


Of course!

It is:

Thanks for the good question!