Ride this saturday(24th of July).

Hi, we were planning to go for an evening-ish ride this Saturday. The pace should be pretty chill (around 20-25kmph) for about ~80km. Nothing is fixed at this point, so things are flexible. If you are interested, hit me up.

Interested.! Any potential destinations in mind?
I wanted to do a loop of the Montreal island, or a part of it depending on the distance for a long time now.

I’m interested too! Keep me posted :slight_smile:

I am interested too:)

That is great! Btw are you guys on FB? It might be easier to coordinate over there.

Interested as well.

Sure, I am Nathan Augeard on facebook!

Hi all, here is a tentative plan for tomorrow.
We start from Atwater market at 530pm and do this:
It’s about 80km. If anyone has any opinions or suggestions, feel free to share them.

How about we start in the morning, say 9:30 if everyone is free. Will be more refreshing.
The route is good for me.

I’ve done the route before starting from NDG, it’s a nice flat loop. It’s easy to get off the trails along the North side, so it helps to have a navigator. The west side of the ride is really nice as is the south, but the roads are quite bumpy in places e.g. Dorval.

I would do it again, but not in the evening. The 9:30 start could work for me or even slightly later.

Hi, thanks for the info. In that case, probably it wouldn’t be wise to do it in the evening, and we can do a different route. Unfortunately, I have a couple of appointments during the day so, I can only do an evening ride. But feel to coordinate among yourselves.

Sorry, not sure how I discouraged you from your plan akonar, that was not my intention. I hope you do go in the evening with the several interested parties. I was just saying I could go with LecRys in the morning and anyone else who may want to go then.

I am extremely sorry if I sounded that way. I did not mean to. I haven’t done the full route before, so I wasn’t aware of the issues. If you could suggest a route that would be more suited for a evening ride that would be really helpful. All I wanted to say is that I have this time constraint, and I don’t want to burden you guys with it.

Hmmm, this chart had gone quite. Ok I’ll tell you what I’ll do, and anyone can join. I’ll leave home around 9:30 and head down toward Atwater market. I should be at the south side of the Atwater pedestrian bridge around 10. I’m thinking of doing the loop around Montreal East, rather than West, because I’ve never done it. It’s a bit longer, around 80 km. However, if anyone prefers, we can do the Montreal West loop starting from the same spot, at 10.

I’m at Atwater, anyone coming for a ride?

hmm so sorry something comes up… so I can not go cycling tonight anymore…

Hi Zoey, no worries.

Hi all, as planned, I’ll start from 530pm Atwater market. Please let me know if you intend on joining. Thanks.