Ride this Saturday?

Hey Everyone,

Weather’s looking great for Saturday so was wondering if anyone would be down to ride! Want to do something 90-130km ish, flexible with the route. Drop a comment if you have a route you wanna do. Earlier would be better for me but again I’m flexible.

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How early? 6AM?!?!?!

“6 cold like Alaska” ~ Drake. I’m down if others are down though!

Are you scared ? Looks like your hands are trembling from your choice of words…

So thinking of doing this route: https://www.strava.com/activities/2461818048

It’s a loop of Ile-Bizard then around the west island ~110km. Let’s say 7am meet at HQ? @JeffFaBu @HappyJack @adithyalaks

I hate that I’m agreeing to a 7am ride, but yes. Okay. Fine. I’m in. Why not? Sure. Gonna be great. :+1:


I’m down, 7am HQ, see you tomorrow!

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Anyone else for a ride at a time when humans operate, e.g. 9 or something?

Could be more down for a 9am start…

Make it 8!

It’s perfect

So it’s 7, 8 or 9?



Damn, the one time I can’t do a Saturday morning ride is ile bizard