Ride this weekend

I’m Adam, I ride a Louis Garneau axis c1. Does anyone want to do a ride this coming weekend? I’m new to the sport but can ride fast if I get a draft. I want to do a 60k ride, let me know if you’re interested.

Hi I’m Marco,

I’m looking for riding partners too. I have about 5 years experience, mainly riding in Europe. I’m not sure how riding works here, in the big city, I’m bored of doing bike trails.

I’m not young but can ride 130 km with over 1000 m of elevation change in about 5 hrs.

I find that the circuit Gille Villeneuve is one of the best places. One possible ride I would be interested in is to do laps on the circuit, Sunday, at 10 am. Meet at the main entrance to the track. It would be nice to have a partner on the track.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for responding.

I might be out of town Sunday, but otherwise I could make it down to the circuit by 10.

We’ll firm up the details as we get closer. Main entrance? The one from the Concord bridge?

Marco Papini

+39 346 764 2939


I will contact you on Sunday morning to check-in.

I didn’t mean the concord bridge. The entrance is next to the passerelle du Cosmos. There is a fountain or statue there and a little park with benches right next to the track.

Perfect, we’ll synch up Sunday.

Ok I know that entrance well. I used to row at the basin, a long time ago.

I’ll be coming down from NDG, so I’ll enter at the Concorde bridge and head to the passarelle.

Marco Papini

+39 346 764 2939


Hey Adam,
I’ve started getting back into cycling this season as well, I would be down to ride on Sunday at 10am.
You could hit me up at 514-430-9674 or Yasin Mtk on Facebook

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Awesome, it looks like the three of us will be riding tomorrow. This should be interesting. See you all tomorrow.

Ok, as suspected, I can’t make it tomorrow morning.

Are you going during the week?


Marco Papini

+39 346 764 2939


Thanks, Yasin, for a great ride this past Sunday. It was nice and friendly. Is anyone available to ride Sunday at 10 or Saturday in the afternoon?

Hi all,

I’m thinking of riding Thur afternoon, if anyone is free?

So far, I’m also free Sat afternoon and Sunday morning, so will try to join Adam at least one of those times.

Marco Papini



Bonjour bonjour.

Jumping in a bit late on the thread. I am 34, not in fantastic shape but still ok to do longer rides. What kills me is really hills and mountains.

Would be interested in joining you if you have any weekend rides planed.

I’ll probably head down to the track today around 3:00/3:30 this afternoon



Who can jump into a ride this Sunday at 10 am?

I should be there this Sunday morning.


Hello, I want to ride on Sunday too. I just arrived Montreal this year, and I got a road bike here XD. The problem is I am not familiar with the road rules in Quebec, and road bike is very new to me( I used to ride mountain bike for a long distance)
Let me know if you like me to join~

Yes Zoey, of course, you can join.
Here’s a little reminder of the time and place for those interested: Sunday @ 10 am, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (entrance to the track across from the Cosmos Passarelle). See you all there on Sunday.

Thanks a lot!! See you on Sunday.(ง ˙o˙)ว

I’m having some technical difficulties today. I won’t be able to ride. Enjoy today, it’s gorgeous out and I will make up this ride during the week.

Ok I’m at the track