Rides being suspended

Hi guys, unfortunately due to the sharp increase in cases over the last few days we’ve decided to suspend doing the Tuesday/Thursday rides in groups just to be careful.

If you guys are still interested in doing the Thursday KOM competition we’ve figured out a way to transform it a bit. Instead of directly racing each other up the climbs we plan to do it as an on-your-own time trial type set up over specific segments for each climb. The way this’ll function is that starting from Thursday to Wednesday will be a chance for you to go and do the KOM course in one go and then record and post the link to it on Strava in the comments below that week’s post. Then, we’ll go through and award points based on your times on the specific segments for the climbs.

Please let us know if there’s any ideas you have to improve this KOM format or anything else we can do to make the most of the weather we still have–feel free to let us know any thoughts, questions, or concerns.


Tough call, but probably the right one.


For those who love getting up early to climb hills, I’ll be doing the Japan Hill race at 6:35 am on zwift, Oct 1st.

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