Road rage case: car vs cyclists

I have been following this weird case of road rage in California. A driver passed two cyclists on a descent and then stopped suddenly in front of them. The resulting collision was not pretty. I don’t know how many of us have encountered motorists who either drive too close or who threaten us in other ways, but it can be dangerous on the road these days. This is, perhaps, the best thing about spinning - no cars!


Follow-up: The driver was convicted of road rage



Wish that kind of verdict would be given in montreal :twisted:

the unscrupulous lawyer should also be jailed for inciting his client to lie through his teeth, or should at the very least loose his accreditation :

Not happening.

That lawyer isn’t going to feel much re-procutions as long as most of the stuff said doesn’t come out of his mouth and any information that the lawyer defends the client with which is wrong, well the blame can probably come back down to the client saying that the client had given missleading facts about what happened.

some crap like that (imo, as I am no law student).

I am simply happy there aren’t two more dead cyclists on the road.