Rougemont <-------Hey Uncle Nick!

Hey Guys-

Not racing this weekend but would like to get in a decent ride on Saturday AM. Nybom, Graham, Dave and all you guys who aren’t going to Army wanna do some riding this weekend? I remember going on a pretty nice ride out past St. Hilaire to Rougemont a couple years ago and thought that’d be fun. I might have to research the route if we can’t entice Nick to come though, but I don’t think it was too complicated.

Who’s in??

Yea absolutely I’d love to get a good ride in but here’s my dealio:

Saturday I work from 7 to 6
Sunday I work from 7 to 2

I know it sucks right but if you want to ride around 3 on Sunday we could still get the ride in before sundown. Or we could go to Ile Bizard (spell check) or something. Or maybe ride Rougemont Friday? I dunno. My numbers 514. 943. 9509 if you want to get in contact quicker.

sat is a little far for me to plan now. but if any of you are into riding 4 hrs tomorrow i’m in we could do the 3 hills on the south shore. where’s colin

I’d be down for this weekend as long as it’s not raining.

Sounds like a great ride, but I’m climbing volcanos this weekend. Rain check for me. I love this ride.

yeah I realize it’s early I am just cooped up for a midterm so looking forward to the weekend. Nice to see that people are interested though. Chirs, I could maybe skip a class or two this week for a ride. Perhaps Thurs AM?

If we can get back early on Saturday I’m in (leave by 9)
Thursday I am already KOMmitted to another ride

i’m here! i’ll probably just hit the f1 today but i’m up for a ride tomorrow (wednesday). i need to get ready for paris-ancaster on sunday

I am down to ride whenever. My only conflicts are on this weekend which I posted and I also forgot about my stats review tomorrow at 10-11:30.

Heres what I have so far:
I’ll be heading to the F1 today (13th) at 5:30 for a quick ride
Wed: Hitting up Ile Bizzard for a few hours- Or if you want to do something else, Colin, I’m down.
Thurs/Fri- no plans. I think we shall ride in the AM fa sho, Peter
Sat- Hitting up the F1 for a quick spin after 11 hrs of work…ughhhh
Sun- I dunno, riding around 3.

I am so incredibly envious of you Graeme. Soak in that sun.

ok so tomorrow 8:30 or 9:00 we’ll go to rougemount


nick, meet you somewhere along laurier at 830? you’re around rivard right?

can we make it 8:45 on st denis and laurier, anyone else up to it?

sure, the later the better for me. 8:45

hey peter, i’m here this weekend, I will probably be up for a ride saturday as long as its not raining

OK then. well Chris I could do 9AM at the gates on Thursday. I still wanna make it back for a 12:30 class but lets go ride for a few hours… Anyone else in??

we will see for saturday then, but I defintely wanna do a long ride…

sorry nick, any chance of a shorter ride? i have a midterm tomorrow and my race on sunday shouldn’t be more than 2.5 hours.

either way, see you at 845

hey colin my mistake it wasn’t temperature but wind
In April 1934 the world’s wind-speed record was set here at 231 miles an hour. mount washington

Peter, I just got a call from my stats group and they want to meet tomorrow around 10 to work on a project now so I can’t make the AM ride.

Another time then.

Well guys, looking at the weather it looks like Sunday is the day to go…