Safety blitz

Just thought I’d post this as I see a lot of them around in many different placesand I know they are handing out tickets.

Looks like the police are on a pedestrian/cycling blitz right now. I talked to one of them and they said it would last a week or so longer.

Just a word of Caution to look around you while your commuting as they like to hang out on the other side of lights and stop signs.

This is also a good time to therefore work on your track stand and show off your skill.

Today (19th) there are a pair of them right at the Atwater bridge just in case your heading through there. Best to stop for the stop signs that you never look at and also walk across the bridge.

Yeah, got a ticket Tuesday morning. Look both ways, and behind you, before you cross the street

I’ve gotten more warnings on a bike than when I drive…

Whatever happened to the old chain of priority, Pedestrians > Bicycles > Cars?

Too many non-cyclists complained

To be fair, there are a lot of jackass cyclists out there who give us a bad name.

Exactly, I see them everyday on my commute. Cyclists who run every light, stop sign, cut off pedestrians and other cyclists (yet ride at a snail’s pace) - little wonder non-cyclists have a low opinion/expectation of cyclists.

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