Saturday 09/11 - 9:30am - int/adv

Join me for a fun trip through Quebec’s Montérégie region. We’ll start by crossing Canada’s second busiest bridge and continue south to historic Saint Jean sur Richelieu; Former home of racing legend Gilles Villeneuve and 2 time bronze medalist Isabelle Brasseur. From there we will follow the Chambly canal (built in 1843 to facilitate commercial traffic between Canada and the United States) to Fort Chambly where a brief coffee stop will sufficiently caffeinate us for the remaining 30 km back to Montreal.

We leave from the gates at 9:30 with a total distance of about 130 km at an intermediate/advanced pace. I have coordinated with El Nino and other weather affecting phenomena to ensure a warm sunny day with a tailwind in all directions. Ryder Hesjdal and George Hincapie have tentatively agreed to join. Be there!

The gates may not be the greatest place to meet, mcgill cycling tryouts are meeting there at for 9 and i doubt we’ll leave on top.

that sure was nice of el nino

wait, are ryder and george actually coming?

yea and leipheimer and horner

But not Vino, he hinted he’d join the ride but won’t be able to.

Yay for fast

I propose we make this ride longer. Takers?

Or maybe just do some laps of the KOM course afterward…

At Chambly we could add a little loop through St. Hilaire that would tack on about 25km but why don’t we wait and decide based on how everybody is feeling. KOM loops might be a better option since we could catch some of the Pro Tour guys checking out the course.

mmm pro tour guys…

mmmm spandex

Guys. Incredible day. Nice 100+ kms to start at a brisk pace and then some training rides up and around the mountain with several pro teams. I’ll post some footage and pics I took today so all can see. I have some footage of several of you riding with Quick Step.


Hey thanks for coming out

nice dude let me know whenever you are back in montreal

yea good ride guys. ton of fun!

Sweeet man! Can you post those pictures somewhere?

McGill versus Quick Step climbing Mount Royal…!/photo.php?pid=7311069&id=562012109&ref=fbx_album

Video proof of the experience boys…

After reaching the top with Quick Step, I also rode with Caisse D’Espagne for a loop and then later Francaise des Jeux & Canadian National Team. I was pretty burnt from our ride though but couldn’t help but keep going.

All three videos on Facebook