Saturday Fall Intermediate Ride! (90-100 km)

UPDATE: Leaving at 8:30 am from HQ for a Remi loop

Hey everyone!

I am looking to go for a nice ride this Saturday at 9 am. Was thinking around 90-100 km, maybe St. Remi or Hillaire, but open to other suggestions.

Pace will be a chill intermediate pace (around 24-27 km/h), so anyone is welcome to join!

Also, if anyone would be like to meet up for beers around 8 pm on Saturday, I would very much be down for that.

Let me know if you are interested!

  • Riding for the Fall colors (coming)!
  • Would rather stay home (not coming)

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Where do we meet?

Leaving at 8:30 am from HQ for a St. Remi loop!