Saturday Pie Ride!

This Saturday we will go for the first (of hopefully a few) St-Hilaire Pie Rides :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The ride to St-Hilaire is roughly a 100km loop, and in sticking with tradition, we will be making a stop for pie/cider about halfway.

The plan will be to meet at 8:55 in Jeanne Mance at the corner of dโ€™Esplanade and Mont-Royal for a 9am departure.

Bring food and water.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, sign up in the poll below!

  • I love pie (coming)
  • I HATE pie (not coming)

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If you wanted to go full pie, you could meet at the Pie IX metro station.


Introductory statements: name, major, and favourite pie flavour.
Additionally, anyone who cannot state the first 10 digits of pi after the decimal will not permitted to ride with us.

Is this like an AA meeting? โ€œHi my name is Bryant, iโ€™m in environmental something or rather and Iโ€™m an apple pie fan. Traditional, you know?โ€. And: 3.1415926535897โ€ฆ and I forget the rest. See you Saturday!


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In high school, I did a study to see what was the average number of decimal digits of pi that people had memorised. I surveyed a bunch of friends to get good statistics. Most people knew 2 decimals, with some outliers knowing up to 15 (I had some nerdy friends, if you can believe it). The result of my study found that the average number of decimal digits known was 3.14 by pure coincidence (or was it?).

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Sometimes I forget what pi even is, itโ€™s just a button on the calculator for me at this point

when you approximate pi = 4 and then :purple_circle: --> :purple_square:

this seems like a fake story/ dad joke

The math checks out. Circles are just round squares.

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You canโ€™t make this kind of stuff up.

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