Saturday & Sunday spinning

(Felix Oestereich) #1

I’ll be away racing this weekend and won’t be able to coach the spin classes.

Is there anyone who would like to take over the coaching duties? @wamazurek @kpinks @DDalgas @Aero

I assume someone will step up (@wamazurek) ! Let me know if you want/need help designing a workout.

  • Coming on Saturday 12-13:30
  • I’m in for Sunday 12-13:30
  • No, no…

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(Dylan Dalgas) #2

I’ve got a conference this weekend so will not be making either session…

(Max Shapiro) #3

Does anyone want to join me for Saturday’s session? Looking forward to it

(Oliver Lovekin) #4

Want to go, but will work out from home if no one comes… What do people think?

(Max Shapiro) #5

I will still be going to spin at noon