SC 2019 Pictures

(Cedric) #1

Hi all,

I’ve set up a google doc with links to some of the pictures I’ve taken. I’ll add more over the course of the next week as I still have some uploading to do. The doc is collaborative so please add any pictures you have and want to share. Feel free to download any of the pics on my links!

See you all at the base of Houde when the time comes :slight_smile:

(Cedric) #2

(Felix Oestereich) #3

Wait! you’re supposed to come race! We need race pics!

I added my pics

(Cedric) #4

Crap I’ve been exposed

(Cameron Mitchell) #5


(Felix Oestereich) #6

(Nicolas Kleban) #7

:anguished: @Felix When were you going to tell me there was another man!?