Hi everyone,

In this mayhem of “order posts”, I’m glad to announce that the 2nd jersey order will arrive within 24 hours (I should have it by tomorrow night).

This is to advise you that there will be a pick-up at my place (in Côte-des-Neiges, 10-15 min from campus with your bike or 18 min with the 129 bus) next week. Those of you who have ordered stuff but have not paid yet will pay on the spot, either check or cash.

I was thinking of having the pick-ups Monday and Tuesday nights (Nov 3rd and 4th), from 6-9 p.m.

I should also have the skinsuits from the first order (that’s you Marie-Ève!)

More details to come when I actually have the order in my hands (or should I say in my living room).

Sweet, might actually get a ride in with the new gear this season!

oh yeah,

how about pickup tonight… or tomorrow night. so that some of us can actually enjoy them over the weekend. I would!

reno, you are supposed to stay off that f***ing cyclo-cross till your knee is better! So, no jersey for you untill then!

i’ll need your full address Mat BR.

can’t wait!

yes, I will post all the info once I have the jerseys in my possession

hey matt,
is there any way you can bring mine to campus, i have classes in the mornings and i will have to go to my lab after class almost everyday next week so it will be really difficult to get to ur place…im around mcintyre everyday though so if it is not a huge inconvenience, i would really appreciate it…let me know, you should have my cell number as well so call me to arrange something if that is okay, i am only missing the jersey because the first order was the wrong size (i have the bib and arm-sleeves)…if its an inconvenience, i can pick it up another time

Hi all,

So I don’t have the jerseys yet (they’re currently at the border, sorry Reno), but will have them Monday afternoon.

I will leave the pick-up session on Monday, but it will be from 7-9 pm instead of 6-9, not to be too tight with timing.

For those who can’t come, we’ll arrange something!

All the people below have ordered something. If you know them, please spread the word and tell them to come!

Andreas Klinter
Charles Fletcher
Nick Chin-Yee
Renaud Daenzer
Zhe Tian
William Goodfellow
Philippe Grégoie
Ben Blake
Allsion Grover
Catherine Hogan
Ben Cohen
Stefan Czerniecki
Peter Watson
Olivier Nguyen
Eva Megan
Shah Amir Shafi
Benjamin Marleau Donais
Georgina Archbold
Adam Bouchard
Scott Loong
Veronica Wheeler
lam Nguyen
Jean Francois Desjeans Gauthier
Seth Davis
Chloe Stefanik Langlois
Lauren Curtis
Libby Sharman
Emily McCance
Nahid Punjani
Vic’s Dad
Andrea Jilling
Jason Truffen Loiseau
Anne Pigott
Andy Schuler
Philippe Belzile
David Obert
Nadine Chalmers
Alex Fitzgerald
Patrick Beukema
Benjamin Marleau Donais
Alan Pick
Matthew Bell
Michelle Kromas

my address is 5952 Dolbeau (H3S2G2)
For those who can’t come today or tomorrow, don’t worry, you’ll get your stuff soon.


i have a flat tire on my DT commuter.

wheres the nearest place to get a tube (from mcgill that is)?

Unless AJ has like a patching kit we can use in school… eh eh …
(i need to get me one of those)

BTW… whats the best way to make it to your house from mcgill… is it goin around the mountain via cote des neiges… or via parc and mont royal?


I got an email from Luis. He’s stuck at the border.

Tonight’s session is for now postponed.

I know this sucks.

If there is anything, you can call me 514-927-9399

I still don’t have the order, should have it tomorrow. I’m very sorry for all these delays, but they’ve been very slow at the border because of some “moyens de pression” (I’m too lazy to translate) and I guess Suarez also has its part of responsibility.

Consider the pick-up momentarily suspended. I will come back to you with more news when I have everything. I will also find a way to bring some orders to McGill so that you can pick them up during lunch time.


moyens de pression = pressure tactics