SELLING: Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer (+ trainer tire & rear wheel)

First thing, how much?: 250 for the trainer + front wheel platform, 300 for the trainer, front wheel platform, and trainer tire/rear wheel combo (w/ a cassette currently on it). As a bonus I’ll even deliver it provided you live within a reasonable distance of the island of Montreal.

What have you got?: A Blackburn Tech Fluid trainer. You can find out about the product here:

Here’s a picture of the thing. In the background you can see the dusty 3-level front wheel platform

From personal experience, the trainer is pretty nice and provides some pretty healthy levels of resistance. It’s quieter than a air-resistance type trainer inasmuch as the trainer won’t make as much noise – the noise of your rear wheel cutting through the air will still be just as loud.

I’ve also got a trainer tire for sale, which is currently attached to a rear wheel (+ a cassette). The wheel isn’t anything special, but it’s been nice to have a specific wheel for the trainer since the trainer tire is super fucking stiff and annoying to put on.

I don’t understand why would I want a trainer tire in the first place: Regular road tires are a lot more supple than trainer tires. So, if you end up putting heavy trainer use on a regular bike tire it tends to deform it, while a trainer tire will be pretty resilient to the experience. You wouldn’t want to use the trainer tire on the road because its resilience to the beating you’ll deliver is directly related to the additional resistance it provides, and unless you want to hate your life even more up Houde I’d recommend against using it off the trainer (also you’ll look like a scrub).

Wait who are you. I don’t like you and your display picture disturbs me deeply: See this thread The future of cycling is here LPP

Why are you selling it?: Because Keith crashed me out 2 years ago and I’ve never looked back since. It’s just been accumulating dust (as seen by the platform).

You can either contact me on the message system here, or email me directly at:



Someone should buy this so I feel less guilty.

David is a good owner. David is a good friend. David doesnt ride bikes because of me… Sorry David :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Probably the least used trainer in Montreal.


Thank you for digging up the old LPP thread. We had such good times, David. :cry:

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I just reread the entire LPP post. Afternoon well spent