So how did ARMY go?

I’ve been checking results all weekend but they are not posted. How’d the Redmen and Martlets do? :!:

The results are posted there:
in recent results. And go look at the top photo finish of the RR results. It’s HILARIOUS.

All in all it went well:
1st place for Adam in the crit, 3rd in the RR, 4th in the UHTT
4th for Nadine in the RR and 6th in the UHTT
5th for Will in the crit
7th and 8th places respectively for Mathieu and Will on the UHTT

Our Men’s A came 4th on the TTT even after Mat’s Technical problems…

Caitlin came 12th and Erin 14th in the RR.

McGill came 7th overall (of 43 participating teams)

And although many riders didn’t get crazy results, we were flashing the mcgill colors a lot, with Erin going solo for a lap in the Crit (and charging through a super windy straight with the pack chasing), Hons attacking every chance he got in both the RR and crit (and winning one of the sprint laps in the crit), Nick BL off the front, Dave in an echappee of 4 guys for 4 laps in the RR, Mat pulling the pack to reel guys in to give our guys a chance in the finish, Nadine goind solo for nearly the whole RR, between a small lead group and the pack, and plenty of exciting adventure.

Photos to come when i have time to process them…


those are awesome results!!! i’m really proud of the team, great work guys. i wish i couldv’e been there!

good job guys!

And add Ben Blake in 8th in Mens’ B crit :slight_smile:

was this race colder than rutgers? some how i think that some of the arm warmers in the pictures were much thicker than in march…

It was very much colder then rutgers. Saturday especially.