South Carolina Clothing Exchange and Inventory

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #1

Hello All,

As mentioned in the email you should have received if you are coming to South Carolina, it is vitally important that you have proper kit for the weather we will be riding in. The temperatures vary anywhere between just above zero to 15-20 degrees Celsius during a ride.

In the interests of helping people buy used kit from other members, as well as figuring out what MCT has in its inventory, I created the following two spreadsheets that contain the team inventory list, and also a list that can be modified by members to buy/sell clothing:

MCT Inventory: Please contact @FelixF for items here
Buy/Sell List

Some rules about the buy/sell list:

  1. Make sure that the clothing you put up for sale is in usable condition!
  2. If you have sold an item to someone else, remove it from the list immediately to prevent causing confusion. That means, only items available for sale should be on the spreadsheet.
  3. Try be prudent and reasonable with your pricing!

We suggest you have the following clothing for SC:

  1. At least two sets of jerseys and bibs,
  2. Arm warmers, leg warmers, and shoe covers,
  3. Base layers,
  4. Long-fingered gloves,
  5. A wind-breaker/pelta to keep warm if needed on a ride. You should ideally try get something that packs well in your jersey pocket so that you can store or use the apparel as the weather changes,
  6. Neck Warmer.

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #2

(Felix Oestereich) #3

Below freezing is a very rare thing. However, we usually have temperatures around 4°C ontop of blue ridge and Highlands.

(Dylan Dalgas) #4

Great post! Def don’t wanna get stuck out on a ride unprepared in cold weather. However, just fair warning to all that bringing all of this winter gear heightens the chances of GORBY gaps tenfold!

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #5

There’s some good stuff up for sale at very reasonable prices! To anyone needing some kit for SC, check the google sheets out.