South Carolina Lost and Found

(Cedric) #1

Hi all,

It has been a pleasure spending a wonderful week with you all in South Carolina. Keep up the training and be ready for summer riding!

I’m sure some of us have lost some things during the packing process (myself including) so let’s set up a lost-and-found list.

I’ll start;


  • Canon lens cap
  • Macbook pro USB-C adapter (silver-grey-ish)

I’ll be posting up pictures soon - keep an eye out for that thread.

(Cedric) #2

(Felix Oestereich) #3

I have:

  • tupperware without granola bars - SOLD
  • Fizik insoles - like new - SOLD
  • purist water bottle - SOLD

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #4

Hi Felix,
I’m pretty sure the Fizik insoles are mine.
Could you bring them to the next spinning session you go to?

(Nicolas Kleban) #5

Good idea @CedricCycling. I’m missing my neck warmer buff thingy if anyone finds it.

(Felix Oestereich) #6

@blancha sure thing!

@ewilson I think you still have my leg warmers.

I am missing a tiny cute swiss army knife incase anyone found one

(Nicolas Kleban) #7

Update: Apparently I had it the whole time.

(Matthew Posner ) #8

I’m missing my house keys… Two keys on a ring that have gone missing. @CedricCycling could you check your bag? Becky said she’d put my car keys in there when you went to blue ridge and they were hanging together.

(Cedric) #9

They aren’t with me, I check my bag and coat pockets :frowning:

(Matthew Posner ) #10

No worries, thanks for checking.

(Rebecca Bellworthy) #11

Hi, bit late to the party but I’ve been missing three (yes three, as in one pair and one other!) Mavic fingerless gloves since SC. If anyone happens to have accidentally acquired them and forgotten please let me know!