South Carolina Training Camp Prospects

Hi Everyone!

Now that winter break is almost here, it’s time to start looking forward to the far superior school break- spring reading week and MCT’s annual trip to South Carolina!!!

Each year, the team makes the 18 hour drive down to South Carolina for a week of riding in nice weather, and relaxing together. It’s always a great escape from school and the winter weather in Montreal, and everyone who’s gone in the past can vouch for how fun it is!

This year, we will leave (tentatively) Montreal sometime Friday, February 25th and drive through the night until arriving. During the week we’ll all stay together in a big lake-front house, and cook meals to share. We’ll return to Montreal sometime Sunday, March 6th.

There will be 6 full days of riding, as well as two part days on the day we get there and the day we leave. All levels of riders are welcome to come! Each day, a beginner (40-60km), intermediate (80-120km) and advanced (120km+) ride will be leave from the house.

The trip cost should be about the same as last year, around $350 per person (which includes transportation, accommodation, and food for the week!) Additionally, if you can provide a car to take to South Carolina, the fee will be reduced (by 50%!). If more people are interested in coming than we have space in the house, priority will be given in the following order: McGill students, alumni, then community members. NOTE: you must be a Team Member to come on the trip.

The trip is one of McGill Cycling’s biggest events of the year, and is always highly anticipated. It’s a great opportunity to get back on the bike before the ECCC race season begins, and to ride in warm weather while it’s still snowy in Montreal. If you’re at all interested in coming with us, please sign up in the poll below, and watch for the official sign up post in the new year!

Note, we may not be able to go if things like Omicron SARS-Cov-2 strain get worse but at this point we are just trying to assess general interest and are optimistic about this happening. At the moment, the University has not granted us permission to go

  • 100% will go
  • 75% very interested
  • 66% interested
  • 50% not sure but it’s possible
  • 25% most likely won’t be able to make it
  • 0% won’t go

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