South Carolina

Hello Everyone!!

As I am sure most people have seen, the feeler post for South Carolina is up on the forum. If you plan on coming to South Carolina, please indicate so in the feeler post poll. Planning for the trip is being done largely based off the poll, and the number of expected participants from it. Consequently, the trip fee will be influenced by the number of people who register in the feeler post, so if you have been hesitating to register, please go back to the feeler post and do so now!!! The more people who come to South Carolina, the cheaper the trip will be for everyone!

A post about official registration for the camp will be up very soon, but in the meantime if you have any questions about the trip, please reach out to me or anyone else on the exec.


I have a few questions:

  • is it true that I will be banned for life if I trick people into thinking I brought home-made granola bars even though they are store-bought?
  • is the drive really the best part?
  • what will happen to bob’s place?
  • is chocolate drink really better than chocolate milk?
  • who is dilly jorgs and should I be worried?
  • how should I label my Gatorade and other consumables that I bring to SC?

Great questions!

-unfortunately, we have a zero tolerance policy for a lack of transparency in the granola bar exchange. Those who choose to deceive others into believing store bought granola bars are homemade will be asked to refrain from participating in future years, to protect the integrity of the exchange! :slight_smile:

-Some may think spending ~18 hours in a mini van with 4 others unpleasant, but that is largely untrue when 512 Turtlehead Drive is the destination! If you’re lucky, any incessant click from a spinning bike wheel in the trunk, that the backseat passenger “can’t fix” will fade to background noise sometime between hour 8-12, at which point the onslaught of Southern Country music can begin!

-I do not know what will happen to bob’s place.

-Ingles Market “Laura Lynn” brand chocolate drink is truly a culinary experience. Being both thicker and less creamy than your typical chocolate milk, it is difficult to directly compare Chocolate Drink to any conventional beverage most people are familiar with. No information regarding chocolate drink can be found on google, or the Ingles Market Instagram, but for those wanting to acquire a taste for Chocolate Drink before heading to SC (highly advisable if you plan on riding with Chocolate Drink in the bottle), I would recommend this copycat recipe: 1 cup water, 4 Dollarama chocolate easter eggs, 7 TBSP flour (to replicate the unique texture!), and a generous pour of corn syrup- simply microwave until a syrup is formed, cool to room temperature (no need to refrigerate) and enjoy!

-dilly jorgs is an intriguing training camp participant shrouded in mystery. The line dividing dilly jorgs’ daily life and fictitious claims is blurry at best, and I would think it advisable to approach dilly jorgs with curiosity.

-When it comes to labeling personal belongings, I think you should bear in mind that there will be about 20 people all sharing one home, and that similar to living in residence, it is best to assume everyone, at all times, will be actively seeking to steal all your personal belongings for themselves (nothing is safe!!). Items such as Gatorade and bars will undoubtedly be in high demand, so it is best practice to thoroughly label each individual item. It would be difficult for me to over-stress the significance of ensuring your full name, phone number, McGill email and ID number, and South Carolina room assignment are all visible on these items.

Hope this helped!


:rofl: might have to give it a go! #fuelfortheworkrequired

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