South Carolinian Photographers

When we go to SC I’d like to do a photoshoot at some point at night or during sunset, if anyone’s interested. I’m definitely bringing my camera/tripod, is anyone else planning on doing so too?


im down :slight_smile:

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Thinking of bringing my DSLR and GoPro! Or maybe just a GoPro, I’m not sure yet.

Definitely bring the DSLR! I hadn’t thought of the GoPro… I can bring them too :stuck_out_tongue: if someone isn’t too annoyed of wearing them.

Hahaha, okay! Do you have the belt mount or the sticky mount for the GoPro? I wouldn’t mind taking turns wearing it if helmets or mounts are swappable!

(heehee, then everyone can be in shot)

I have two flat sticky mounts but they aren’t interchangeable -> Once they’re stuck, they’re stuck. I also have a chest mount and a handlebar mount that I use if the road is SUPER smooth. I have 2 gopros so we could do front/rear view.

The rear could give some good footage of us speeding off away from any of those South Carolinian hounds (always fun when one jumps over the fence haha )

wait I didn’t sign up to be chased by hounds. (bring it on)

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