Spin CANCELLED: Friday, 18th April 2019

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #1


There won’t be a spin session tomorrow morning as the sports complex will be closed on the occasion of Easter. I believe it is also closed on Sunday!

Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully we can ride outside on Sunday!

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #2

20 degrees Sunday afternoon!
We should plan an outing.
I’ll definitely be out riding.

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #3

Sure, let’s do that!

(Rez GodarzvandChegini) #4

Hi there Adit,
Thanks for the heads up. Do we have a spin session tomorrow? What date is projected to be the last spin session?
Many thanks,

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #5

Hi Rez,

Sorry for not seeing this on time. I think we will call spinning off from this week onwards, as it is nice enough outside! Even if we offered some sessions, I think the turnout would be quite low :slight_smile:

You should join us for outdoor rides though! Just keep an eye on the forum.