Spin Session Playlist

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #1

Tired of me ‘vibing’ to Katy Perry?

Here’s your chance to change what gets played at Spin sessions.

If you have troubles putting songs on this Spotify playlist, let me know! And if there aren’t any suggestions, you know what we will probably listen to next week ! :wink:

(Dylan Dalgas) #2

Yun’ Kleeb knowz #putinwork

(Jordan Miller42) #3

@oliver_wockner entire SOAD discography? Or at least Toxicity?

(Mónica Soria Baledón) #4

In your honor, I added a Katy Perry song :wink:

(Anne-Michelle Ward) #5

when are the weekend or evening spin classes going to start? Dying to get back in some sort of physical activity!