Spin1 Fri Nov11 6:30AM

First spin of the year in the Spin room of Athletics.

We’ll focus on pedaling technique and some medium length intervals (1-5 minutes).

The Athletics building does not open until 6:30 so showing up early will mean you stand outside the building while a security guard stares at you awkwardly.

If you can still ride outside I recommend it as being more fun than this. But if you want to be warm these are things you need to know:

The spin bikes have SPD mountain pedals and flat pedals with toe straps. You can swap out your own pedals for theirs if you do not have SPD mountain cleats but you will need to bring your own pedal wrencth.

We will be spinning for ~90 minutes so bring water and a towel.

It is very early in the morning but do not skip breakfast before a workout. It is recommended that you bring a snack for afterwards.

If anyone has anything else to add please put it below.



Sorry I have to miss the first spin :frowning: I’ll be home for commencement that morning

If you have a heart rate monitor, bring it. Very helpful for working in the right zones and gauging your intensity.

Somebody should bring some tunes, too. Preferably an essential mix from BBC radio 1.

I agree with everything Pete said. Neither are required, but it does make spinning more fun.

I have a 90-minute playlist that I made a couple years ago… and thought I was soooo witty naming it “Spin it Old School.” I’ll bring it as back up. It’s inoffensive rap.

Slept through 4 alarms…

It happens, we’ll be doing the same routine for the next three workouts.