Spinning Dec 7, 9-11

I promise we won’t do one-legged squats the whole time.

A day that will live in infamy.

I’ll seriously try to rouse myself early enough to allow sufficient oatmeal-loading time.

I will actually make this one, I’m all out of excuses.

I will NOT make this one. I will be busy in Toronto failing a Japanese exam. Everyone please try and think happy Japanese thoughts while you are spinning. And if you think things are getting tough in the workout, just picture me in a big room of people all tearing their hair out over the intricacies of complicated ideograms.

I have an exam:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

jason, you can try “there is no awesome bike helmet to be won”


I won a napsack :stuck_out_tongue:

did you end up getting the 1st prize?

yeah, I got it yesterday

nice, well you deserved it! I was going to stay another couple of hours (and thus procrastinate on my work at the time) but they put on sex and the city the movie …gah.

Andreas… im downtown today (sat.)
if i stay downtown, im gonna come. But i donno if i can last too long. i will try anyhow.

(ive got my SPD shoes as well… maybe thatll help a little)