Sponsorship Potential - Interest probe

Hey Everyone,

ok, so, ive got a couple connections in the bike industry that i think can be exploited for the benefit of the team.

One is Cycles Lambert, one of Canada’s largest parts and cycling gear distributor. I was talking to the rep today, and he said that one way they sponsor teams is to allow them a one time purchase at pro-deal prices (cost minus 20%). There would be a minimum purchase amount. So, we would put together one big order and send it to them, and they’ll send it to a local shop for us to pick up and pay for (ABC Cycles).

I am gonna get in contact with CL ASAP about this, as they are just at the start of budget allocation time, and they apparently have alot of money to throw around.

Check out Cycles Lambert’s website for more info on what parts they carry. I got a SRAM Rival Groupo from them on Prodeal for $450, tax in.

So, please post here if you think you’d be interested

The other thing is Jelly Belly. I have a cousin who’s a manager with the company that imports Jelly Belly into Canada. For those of you who dont know, Jelly Belly has a energy candy called Sport Beans. They have a higher sodium content which make them great for quick replenishment. Plus they taste like candy. Ive tried them, and they are actually quite effective, and work within a VERY short period, a couple minutes usually.

Anyways, I am going to contact him about seeing if they’ll sponsor us in some way or another. Worst case, i see them maybe selling us some sport beans, so please psot here if you’d be interested in purchasing some sport beans at a significantly reduced cost (around .50 cents a bag).

Hope this reaches you all well.


ps: for the registration, just register if you’d be interested these endeavours, so i can gauge interest about whether or not to really pursue them. Please also post here which you’d be interest in (if you want to chose just one).

Damn Mike, that sounds awesome! If you can actually hook up that cost - 20% deal from Lambert then I think we can reach the minimum order quantity on my purchases alone!

Beans sound like fun too

both sound awesome man

Yeah I would probably be in to order something prety significant as well

I eat the beans during long rides all the time. They’re great. They work and they taste good and they’re easy to pop in your mouth, unlike most energy bars.
–Dan H

seriously mike, mad props on those potential sponsorships!!
I’d be interested in both

Dude! That’s good stuff!!

I’ll find something to order :wink: