Spring Cleaning! / WTB Stuff

Hello Fellows,

I’m building up a pretty serious bike right now and selling a bunch of parts from other projects to help buy some more components.

For sale are:

Shimano Tiagra 9-Speed Rear Derailleur - 20$
Shimano Exage300ex 8-Speed Rear Derailleur - 15$
Relatively lightweight Steel Road Drop Bars - 10$
Profile Design Full TT/Tri Bars (See other forum post) - 40$
Shimano PD-1056 Clipless LOOK-Style Pedals w/ Cleats - 20$
Shimano Biopace 52T Chainring (Standard 5-bolt Shimano-compatible crank connectivity) - $15

What I’m looking for are:

Pair of nice clipless pedals
Bar-end shifters
road brake levers or shimano 10spd brifters
Road saddle
Cranks (Shimano-comp)
Chainrings optimized for Shimano super-narrow 10-spd chain
700c tubes
Top tube pad

Trades are more than welcome, bartering is great.


Hello Eli,
Are the Shimano PD-1056 pedals in fairly good shape? I’m going on my first race ever this weekend and would like to change my spd pedals for spd sl (I’m assuming that’s what they are)

hey adrien, i have Look A5.1 pedals in good condition i’m willing to exchange for SPDs.

I’m also looking for MTB shoes size 10.5 or 44. Willing to exchange for my Shimano SH-R215 depending on condition.

Cool! My MTB pedals are Wellgo WPD-823 (I’m pretty sure that’s the model). I do have some shoes but they are more of the touring type (not an extremely sturdy sole to be easier to walk in). Anyway, some road pedals would be great for this weekend so let me know when you’re free!

what’s the brand / model of your touring shoes? Maybe that’s what i’m looking for.

Sounds good for the pedals. I live at 3455 (1A) St-Hubert (corner Cherrier). Give me a call, i’m home most of the time 662.4494

if i remember correctly, you’re adrien with the sweat-band in plyometrics? You have huge feet right?

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late response. Pedals were sold, unfortunately. I found a guy on craigslist selling some Thompson titanium-axle pedals so jumped on those.

I also now have to sell a couple chainrings:

a 52T Shimano Biopace, a 42T Shimano Biopace and a used Dura Ace 52T. They’re all for shimano narrow chain (7,8,9 spd) but will work fine with super narrow chain (10spd).

$10ea or all for $20.