SRM PM6 Power Meter - 175, 39 53 incl BB and magnet $160+ship

(John Danby) #1

Hey team.

So, just like when I was still racing collegiate, I’m a total bike part hoarder. I’m doing some “life changing magic of tidying up” level cleaning though, and I’ve got some parts I’ll be posting up here.

Hopefully there’s someone building up a road missile for an ECCC campaign! Hopefully these parts can be used for good, or for awesome! Training with power is amazing. Cons: It doesn’t have flashy outboard press fit asymmetric ceramic bearings. It has 10sp chainrings (not saying it won’t run with 11, but not saying it will either). It’s not super light. Pros: Training with power, especially training with power doing winter training intervals, will make you faster. Also, it’s cheap!

PM6 Power Meter (ANT+ compatible) with 130BCD
Includes 10sp 39 53 chainrings
Includes Campagnolo Record square taper BB (British thread, 102 mm)

Here’s the catch - I’m in California, so the price would be $160 plus actual cost of shipping. If you’ve got an address in the states you could send it to that’d be a bit cheaper.

Shipping would be approx. $15 to NE US (Vermont, NY), and $40 to Montreal.

Note: as part of transaction, buyer must swear two solemn oaths - never use a Shim/Sram tool to install a Campagnolo bottom bracket, and always remember to stretch your IT bands.

Note 2(for old farts & has-beens like me who still lurk here from time to time): If multiple people are interested, preference will be given, as stated in the preamble, to people racing ECCC next year!

(Jordan Miller42) #2

Woah, I’ve never heard of someone getting Marie Kondo’d into selling a PM

(John Danby) #3

I held it and it did not bring me joy, what can I say. I’ll post some tubulars soon too. This stuff should be raced and collegiate racing is best racing. (Also, I run 172.5 generally)

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #4

@John_Turtle good to see you are lurking on the forum! I might be coming out to Cali in December.

(John Danby) #5

I’ll be here. Hit me up, we ride. Maybe @valina @hmsimmonds want to join.