Ste Martine Race next Sunday

Hello everyone!

Racing season is started and the excitement is sparkling in the air :wink:

Next Sunday 24 April the GRAND PRIX CYCLISTE STE-MARTINE 2022 is happening. More details on the event here:

We are organizing a little MCT squad to participate at the event. Race event is at 50k from Montréal, the race itself it’s 80k. Right now the plan is to ride there very easy, race very hard, come back very easy.

To participate you will need a FQSC license (you can buy a daily licence ~20$ at the event or one for the season ~130$) and pay the participation fee ~40$ for this event. Clearly, you will also need a road bike you are confident to ride.

Let me know who wants to have a lot of fun next weekend, if you have more questions answer here, I’m happy to give more details/updates.

  • Up for a lot of fun
  • Might try, I’ll get in touch
  • No, not for me

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Can’t wait to race!


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