Stretching Principles Workshop Sunday December 3rd

“What’s the point of stretching?”
“I’m not sure if I stretch properly”
“What muscles do I need to stretch?”
“What’s the best way to stretch?”
“Are there different ways to stretch?”

These questions, as well as questions you might not have thought of, will be addressed Sunday December 3rd, by Christina (Chris) Walsh following the spin workout.

A handout summarizing the workshop, and giving a few examples of stretches, will be posted soon on the website (in the training section). If possible, please bring a copy to the workshop in case you want to take notes.

the handout for the stretching workshop is now up in the “training” section of the website.
i strongly recommend that if you’re coming to the workshop (this sunday after spinning), you print out a copy and bring it with you to take notes on the “proper techniques” for each stretch- stretching properly is important to avoid injuries.
see you sunday!