Suggestions for riders looking to get involved?

Hi everyone,
I’m a McGill student and an avid cyclist. I wanted to start this thread for myself and others interested in joining up for rides.

I was hoping people could post information regarding the following topics, as well as any questions that may arise.

-the gathering locations for rides
-is there any place to store bikes if you are not on the main campus?
-does the club/team making any trips to New Hampshire or Vermont?

thank you,
Brent Lambert


Normal gathering is at the Roddick Gates at the corner of McGill College and Sherbrooke.

Bike storage is difficult. The team has no official office or space for that, though it is a goal we are working on. However there might be members willing to help.

Every fall we have a training camp in Vermont for team building and hills.

Join us for the rest of the summer on any rides you feel comfortable with based on the description and then officially join the team in September.

There is one happening at 6pm in 36 minutes leaving from the Roddick gates if you refresh your screen before then.

See you soon.


thanks for the information. At the moment I’m home for the summer in New Hampshire. I look forward to some great rides this fall.