Summer Gym Membership

Hey this one is more for the coaches; i was wondering if varsity athletes get access to the varsity gym over the summer without having to pay the summer membership fee. It’s a little steep ($99) but i’d like to do some weights while i’m here. I’m not really interested in any of the other facilities, just the varsity weight room. I went last year and security asked what team and only turned me away when i said i was on cycling.

That membership fee is to actually enter the gym Peter. Unless you’re registered in courses over the summer, you’ll have to pay that fee. Varsity athletes (at least, us) are not exempt from this unfortunately, as your gym access throughout the year is based on your paying of tuition.

You can contact the gym’s administration, but as it is now, our access is limited as far as I know.

iam actually registered for a couple summer courses. any idea what the fee is then?

well if you’re registered, i thought you had access to the gym. Contact the gym, im not sure of their administration charges or anything. Sorry.

They athletic fees are not charged on summer course, this means that you will have to pay the 100$ fee. Go take a look at your previous Account summary and you’ll see the Athletic fee in fall and winter semester which is automatically charged to you so that it looks like a free entrance to the gym.

hey! i was at the gym and they said there is a special $45 fee that varsity athletes get for the summer. but the coaches need to submit a roster of some sort to the intercollegiate sports office. i’m happy to do that but i don’t know exactly what it is.

They should have our roster for the 2006-2007 season, and so long as you paid your team fees, you should be on the roster.

Tell them that the Cycling Team’s roster for the summer is the same as it has been for the 06-07 season. We update our roster in September.

Peter, if you can find out the name and email of the person at athletics to whom this roster must be submitted, can you please give it to me, and ill contact them.


If you want to save yourself some money, do kalesthetic (sp) training outside. You’re only working your upper body at this point if you go to the gym (as your lower body would be trained when you ride :wink: )

Push-ups (in all their various forms), dips, core excercises (with a ball) etc.

Weights are grealty over-rated when compared to the things you can do on your own at home or in a park somewhere outside.


Yo, Tom has repeatedly sent them an updated roster. At least to the web guy. If it isn’t updated on the McGill Uni website for verification then the web guy is lazy.

hey, the website’s fine, but the servieces office didn’t have a list. i gave Caroline James a call today and she sent the list down. so if you get a summer membership let them know you’re on the team. and if you’ve already bought one tell them and they’ll refund.