Summer ride kickoff

Hi all!

Welcome to McGill Cycling 2022-2023! My name is Bryce, and I am one of the executives for this school year (VP Jersey). We are excited to announce that 2022 summer rides are starting next week on Tuesday, July 12th at 6 PM.

For the time being, we will have weekly group rides Tuesday Evenings at 6 PM: These are roughly 1hr social, no drop rides on the Lachine canal. Emphasis on party pace! The goal of these rides is to chat and meet new people and have fun on the bike, not smash pedals! We’ll have plenty of time for that in the future :wink: While the route may fluctuate slightly week to week, the meeting spot will always be at Roddick Gates at 6 PM and we’ll usually finish with a picnic in Jeanne-Mance park for some beverages and snacks depending on the turnout. These rides will run weather depending, so if the weather is looking questionable on Tuesdays make sure to check in here for any last minute updates. We will run this ride until the official Fall schedule drops :eyes:.

We also hope to organize some longer rides on weekends, but this will depend on exec availability, so stay posted on the forum for future updates.The summer schedule won’t be as action-packed as our fall schedule, but we hope to get everyone excited for what’s to come!

For any questions or concerns, feel free to comment on this post. Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces Tuesday!


Love it

Nice !

Guessing tomorrow’s off due to the weather :confused:

Update: looks pretty scary outside so going to postpone until next week. See you all then!

Oh no. I have class on Tuesdays. Hope there will be some on other days!

Update for July 25th: the route will be 3x Pro Tours starting at 6PM @ Roddick Gates. Picnic directly after at Jeanne-Mance. See you there!

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Would it be possible to pick up my kit after the ride tongiht? I was on vacation but now I’m back.

Hi, I just arrived in Montreal a couple days ago and I just wanted to confirm that these rides are still happening before I show up at the gates and nobody is there…

also does anyone know a good place to pick up co2 cartridges near McGill?


Yeah I second this! Are these still happening? I haven’t heard anything in a couple weeks.

Yes, we are still on for Tuesday evenings at 6pm! We meet at Roddick Gates. Next week will be the last Tuesday evening ride before classes start at which point we will be ramping up to three team rides a week (more info in a later post).

great, thanks!

Ride rain or shine? Weather tonight looks a bit wet…