Summer Rides

Hello everyone!

I hope the summer has been off to a good start, and everyone’s been enjoying the longer days and nice weather by spending time on the bike! Most of our club activities will kick off mid August (expect weekend and weekday rides, as well as social events!) but there’s still plenty of opportunities in Montreal to get involved in the cycling community before the club’s official start.

First, consider joining Le Club espresso bar for some rides. These group rides are open to anyone and everyone in Montreal, and you can find details on their Strava page ( Many McGill team members attend these rides, so you will likely bump into those who can tell you more about their time with McGill Cycling!

Second, feel free to post about any rides that you’re planning, on the forum! The forum is meant to be used by everyone in our community to communicate about their rides, and find others who want to join along. If you make a post about a ride, just make sure you show up!

Building off point two to create point three: if you have other suggestions about riding opportunities in the summer, comment them below :blush:

I am looking forward to meeting up with both old, and new members this August when more club activities commence!